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Warning Arc Flash Labels - # THTEL-25-483-1-WA

Size: 6.000" W x 4.000" H (152.400 mm W x 101.600 mm H)
Material: Ultra Aggressive Polyester
QTY/UOM: 1,000/Roll
Catalog #: THTEL-25-483-1-WA
Product #: 60879
$319.49 MSRP ($US)

Description for Warning Arc Flash Labels

Brady proudly introduces THT-printable arc flash labels with preprinted Warning headers. The new preprinted materials allow customers to print arc flash labels with variable hazard and safety information, such as the incident energy, hazard category and required personal protection equipment. The labels are constructed from Brady's B-483 white gloss polyester material and are preprinted with ANSI-format orange Warning headers. Customizable arc flash label templates are also available for use with Brady's LabelMark™ Standard Edition Software application. Brady's R6000 ribbon series is recommended for use with the B-483 material.

- Labels can be sized to fit wide variety of applications
- Excellent adhesion performance
- Withstands temperatures from -40°C to 120°C
- Labels comply with the NEC labeling requirements

Specification Of Warning Arc Flash Labels

Application(s): Asset Tracking, Barcoding, Component ID, Equipment ID, General Purpose ID, Rating Plates
Size: 6.000" W x 4.000" H (152.400 mm W x 101.600 mm H)
Web Width: 4.200" (106.68 mm)
Vertical Repeat: 6.125" (155.58 mm)
Color: Orange/Black on White
Finish: Ultra Aggressive Polyester
Qty Per Row: 1
Material Description: Ultra Aggressive Polyester
Brady Material #: B-483
General ID Catalog: pg. 126
Recommended Ribbon Series: R6007
Printer Compatibility: BBP81, Brady 1244, Brady 1344, Brady 200MVP Plus, Brady 2461, Brady 300MVP Plus, Brady 300X-Plus II, Brady 3481, Brady 360X-Plus II, Brady 600X-Plus I, Brady 6441, IP300, IP600, Tagus T200, Tagus T300, Thermal Transfer Printers
Surface: Powder Coated, Smooth, Textured/Rough
Surface Mount Technology: No, this material does not work with this application
Through Hole Technology: No, this material does not work with this application
RoHS Compatibility: Pass 2011/65/EU
QTY/UOM: 1,000/Roll

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