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Use Brady’s Lockout Tagout Online application to create visual lockout tagout procedures to comply with OSHA 1910.147 standard for lockout tagout of hazardous energy.

During service or maintenance of machinery, it’s critical to ensure that the equipment cannot accidentally start or release stored hazardous energy. To "lockout" and "tagout" a machine before it gets serviced, the designated workers are required to go through a set of safety precautions that assure the machine will not inadvertently cause harm or danger to the individuals servicing the machine.

Create custom OSHA-compliant lockout procedures in minutes with Brady's Custom Lockout Procedure Design Tool.

Lockout Procedure PRO

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What is a Lockout Procedure?

Clearly identified lockout procedures can serve as a check sheet to help employees avoid mistakes and reduce the risk of accident or injury. Using clear, documented lockout procedures also speeds up the lockout activity, which leads to reduced machinery downtime and improves operational productivity.

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Benefits to Your Organization

The custom lockout design procedure design tool provides the following important benefits:

Quick Design Time & Standardized Lockout Procedure Layout

  • OSHA-compliant procedure template
  • Select from a list of pre-populated devices, actions and energy sources
  • Quickly drop in your own images and energy source locations

Access from any where via the internet

  • Procedures are stored online for easy accessibility
  • Access from any PC with internet connection

No Software to Purchase

  • Pay-as-you-go procedure development
  • Only $7.99 per lockout procedure
  • Unlimited printing from your own printer


Use the Custom Lockout Procedure Design Tool

Create lockout procedures for an Effective, OSHA Compliant Energy Control Program in4 Steps.

A successful Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) program starts with a solid foundation and a written plan. After that, proactive training and employee awareness programs will ensure a safer workplace for everyone. Brady has broken down the process for LOTO OSHA compliance into four easy steps, each with their own effective elements that add up to total workplace safety.

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Did you know?

Lockout procedures are the number one reason companies do not comply with OSHA's lockout / tagout standard.

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