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Lean Consulting Services

Lean Consulting Services

Visual Management Workshops

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New from Brady’s lean consulting experts!

The 6-day engagement includes a 3-day on-site workshop engages your team in the visual transformation of your facility. Through hands-on learning and personal lean consulting, we’ll provide your team with the knowledge and philosophy required to physically transform a typical work environment into a visually controlled workplace focused on continuous improvement.

Brady’s lean consulting services will help your organization use visual management to:

  • Equip your workplace with sufficient visual information regarding practices and processes
  • Ensure personnel can easily see and understand priorities
  • Clearly communicate performance goals and progress
  • Maintain up-to-date workflow objectives

Your team will gain an understanding of how embedding critical information in the physical environment benefits both them and your entire organization in terms of enhanced productivity, cost savings, and a reduction in errors.


Lean Consulting Tailored to Your Lean Journey

Brady’s workshops are available on a variety of different continuous improvement topics, and can be customized for your specific lean journey. Workshop topics include:

  • 5S Workplace Organization
  • Inventory Control
  • Kanban
  • Lean Daily Management (LDM)
  • Pokayoke
  • Standard Work
  • TPM
  • Visual Workplace

What to Expect at a Brady Lean Consulting Workshop:

  • At the beginning of every workshop, we will collaboratively work with your organization to define your specific business issue and continuous improvement goals.
  • Using active learning methods (go-see-do), our workshop experience immerses team members into the physical transformation of a focus area into a model area.
  • Following subject-focused classroom training, the pre-selected teams work with our lean consultant on the shop floor to identify visual gaps and abnormalities.
  • A visual ‘workstation,’ which includes one of Brady’s most versatile printers, is established and becomes the hub for creating signs, labels, symbols and tags. These visuals are then installed to provide relevant visual clues in your workplace.
  • At the end of the workshop, your focus area will be transformed into one that is visually instructive and operationally functional.
  • And the best part? Your team will be actively learning visual management techniques throughout the entire process! The practical experience ensures they can spot problems or abnormalities and eliminate them – not just during their shift, but permanently.

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