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LINK360 Confined Spaces Center

demoLINK360 creates a paperless confined space assessment and permitting solution that reduces the ambiguity surrounding the creation of permits and the use of permits.

 Address the Top 3 Confined Space Issues with the Confined Spaces Center

1. Customers are dealing with the pain of tracking changes to and permitted work histories tied confined spaces.

  • All assessments are created online, available for review and modification.
  • All printed permits can be scanned and stored online in LINK360.
  • LINK360 home page Inboxes provide notifications for permits needing review by entry supervisors and those that are open and pending.
  • LINK360 has reports for the following:
    • Assessment due for audit
    • Recently revised assessments
    • Assessment history
    • Assessment report by location
    • All permit forms due for audit
    • Equipment report – permits
    • Permit history
    • And more…

2. Many are still using paper forms to perform assessments and storing them in drawers, where they are rarely updated or used.

  • With LINK360’s confined space functionality, contractors and maintenance personnel can fill out permits, request permitted entry, print permits for use in the work area, and scan signed off permits online with anywhere accessibility for future reviews and audits. The entire process is paperless aside from the printed form for posting outside of the confined space area.
  • All printed permits can be scanned and stored online in LINK360.

3. Customers are still using printed permits that have every hazard possible available to be checked this creates ambiguity that introduces safety hazards into the work to be performed due to errors in the information presented on the entry permit.

  • With LINK360’s confined space functionality customers can carry forward the knowledge created from an assessment of a confined space to inform the creation of a permit for entry, reducing ambiguity and thus reducing the time it takes for employees and contracted services personnel and the safety risks involved in working in a confined space.
  • Permit options are reduced or pre-filled in based on the information defined by the assessment.
  • LINK360 provides a photo at the top level of an assessment to assist contactors and maintenance personnel with visual identify of entry points and hazards.

Issuing permits is painless with the Confined spaces Center.


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