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DoD UID Compliance
DoD UID Overview

DoD UID Compliance

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The Department of Defense Unique Identification program (DoD UID) is the asset tracking method used to manage inventory in the Defense Supply Chain.

The DoD UID program requires all tangible items that are warehoused, supplied, issued or made by a branch of the Department of Defense to be uniquely identified. The UID must distinguish the item from all others, so that the item may be tracked and monitored throughout its entire lifetime within the DoD system.

Brady offers complete DoD UID Systems that are designed to make UID compliance simple to understand and execute. Our products include complete UID marking systems, software systems, compliance verifiers, UID on-site training, support and more.

A Complete UID Labeling Solution for DoD Compliance

We offer all the products you need to meet DoD UID compliance, including label printers, label materials, label design software, barcode scanners and verifiers, custom UID labels, and complete DoD UID system packages.


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