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Procedure-Writing Services

Lockout Services- Brady's On-Site Procedure-Writing and Audits

Lockout Tagout Services for Implementing an OSHA-Compliant Program

OSHA requires your facility to have machine-specific, written lockout procedures. This can be a daunting and time-consuming task for your personnel. Brady's lockout services and audits can help.

On-Site Visual Lockout Procedure-Writing Service

This is the fastest, most effective solution to creating a lockout program. It is a turnkey, comprehensive lockout service in which Brady engineers come to your facility and develop your lockout program for you. They create visually-instructive, machine-specific procedures, place them directly on your equipment, and take all the necessary measures to ensure that your facility meets or exceed OSHA's requirements.

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How Does Brady's Visual Lockout Procedure Service Work?

  • Zero Energy State Assessment. Brady engineers identify all potential hazardous energy sources and ensure that all energy isolation means are documented in the procedures.
  • Develop Visual Lockout Procedures. We create effective, easy-to-understand procedures for each piece of equipment using state-of the-art electronic tools and digital technology.
  • Install Lockout Procedures. The durable, laminated machine-specific procedures are positioned at optimal locations on the equipment to ensure maximum visibility and usability.
  • Create and Install Energy Source Tags. Heavyweight thermoplastic, color-coded energy source tags will be installed at each energy isolation point to visually direct authorized employees to the correct energy source locations.
  • Easy Maintenance of the Lockout Program. We deliver the electronic files, lockout procedures templates, and a binder containing additional copies of the procedures, as well as provide a training session on maintaining the new lockout program.

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On-Site Lockout Procedure Audit

OSHA requires an annual audit of your lockout procedures. Brady's Lockout Audit Service is a professional, third-party evaluation that meets OSHA's requirement. Audits are conducted per machine, to ensure that each piece of equipment has an effective, compliant procedure, with proper lockout devices and energy control identification.

Download a copy of the Lockout Procedure Audit.


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