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Safety Audit and Assessment Services

Brady’s Facility Slips, Trips and Falls Audit

Slips, Trips and Falls - Brady ServicesA Comprehensive Evaluation of your Facility’s Walking and Working Surfaces, with Itemization of Steps to Minimize Slips, Trips and Falls

OSHA recognizes the significance of slips, trips and falls accidents, stating that "slips, trips, and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents." Protect your employees and create a safer workplace with a professional audit from Brady’s safety engineers. Brady provides professional inspection of your facility and documents in detail the required and recommended steps to correct your slips, trips and falls shortcomings.

Brady’s Facility Slips, Trips and Falls Audit can save you weeks of internal data collection, detailed planning and exhaustive industry standard research. You can significantly reduce OSHA-recordable accidents and lost work days by minimizing or eliminating unsafe slips, trips and falls conditions and putting prevention solutions in place.

Brady professional engineers will create a comprehensive report with photographic references that providing a full assessment of your facility. Brady will provide you with a basic written program that allows you to meet OSHA, NFPA and other facility walking & working surfaces regulations and standards.

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