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Lockout Tagout Procedures

Looking for a better, faster way to create OSHA lockout tagout procedures for your facility?

Brady can help you save time and money when creating and maintaining lockout tagout procedures.

  • Based on OSHA lockout tagout standards
  • Brady's graphical template provides clear, visual instructions
  • Comprehensive procedure format exceeds industry best practices

Get started creating your lockout tagout procedures now! Choose from one of Brady's 3 lockout procedure options below.

 Lockout Collage

Design Online & Pay-Per Procedure

Create your lockout tagout procedures with the Online Design App.

  • Pay only for procedures you need
  • Import your own images & instructions
  • Access procedures for 6 months
  • $7.99 per procedure - unlimited printing!

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Purchase a Procedure-Writing Service

Check out our Graphical Procedure Lockout Service - we can create procedures for you!

  • Comprehensive on-site lockout service
  • Brady develops procedures & program
  • Saves you a ton of time!

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Create Your Own with Lockout PRO Software

Save time and money with Lockout Tagout Procedure Writing Software.

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CD-ROM Version:

  • Fast design with templates & defaults
  • Save procedures for annual maintenance
  • Print to your own inkjet/laser printer

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