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Markware 3.8.1 Release Notes


*MarkWare v3.7 or higher is required to upgrade to v3.8.1.

If upgrading to v3.8.1 from a version prior to v3.7, you will first need to upgrade to v3.7, then upgrade to v3.8.1.


NEW Features

Windows® 7 Compatibility

Software installs and runs on a Windows 7 operating system.

Bi-Directional Support

Bi-directional support for BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer and BMP™71 Label Printer has been added.


Templates for BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer and BMP™71 Label Printer have been added.

Bug Fixes

The following product changes and repairs were included when this product was shipped:

Defect Resolution

Units of Measure Preferences: When unit of measure is set to “Millimeters,” the LEAN tools unit of measure are in inches.
Importing from MS Access query: Items are not found in the collection.
Imported Barcode data: Data is not applied to the barcode and the data source reverts to “Constant.”
Uploading MARKWARE™ Tape and Label
Software files to a GLOBALMARK™ printer using the File Management Utility causes a fatal application error on the GLOBALMARK™ printer when attempting to open the files.

On a GLOBALMARK™ Color and Cut Printer, no warning is displayed when attempting to print and cut a circle smaller than .5” in diameter, and job is not printed or cut:
Dithered Color Graphics

Printing Errors when printing to pipe markers or templates.
MW Lean Circle Gauge does not allow different values for Caution area before and Caution area

Units of measure for all tools correspond to what is set in the preferences.

All fields are now imported correctly.

Data from the data source is now displayed in the barcode, and the data source does not revert back to “Constant.”
Uploading a file from MARKWARE software to a GLOBALMARK™ printer no longer causes an application error to occur when opening the file.
Note: Only objects supported by MARKWARE 3.5 and earlier will be included in the file – others will be removed prior to uploading.
A message now displays warning that the print job contains objects smaller than the recommended minimum size and that output quality may suffer. If not canceled, the job is printed and cut.
Color graphics are no longer dithered when printing to mono color printers.
Printing errors no longer occur when printing pipe markers or other templates to the MINIMARK™ Printer.
Caution area before and Caution area after now retain and display different values.


MW Lean Circle Gauge In-Range Area Length (B) rounds the displayed input down to the nearest calculated degree.


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