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Top Ten OSHA Violations & How to Avoid Them

OSHA releases an annual top 10 list of its most frequently cited violations. While the citations on the list often remain the same from year to year, the fines have increased 200% since 2010.

Make sure your facility is compliant - Start reviewing this year's top 10 violations below.

The following are OSHA's Top 10 violations for 2011 (covering the period from Oct. 1, 2010 - Sept. 30, 2011).

#1. Fall Protection – Failure to have fall protection equipment (OSHA 1926.501) was the most frequent citation in 2011. The Bureau of Labor Statistics accounted for 7,139 citations and 260 deaths in 2010 due to violation of this standard.

Fall protection products are designed to protect employees on a walking/working surface with an unprotected side or edge above six feet. Brady offers slips, trips and falls products designed for same level and stairway surfaces.


#2. Scaffolding in Construction – To protect employees from falling objects, OSHA 1926.451 requires you to clearly communicate the inspection status of your scaffolding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 7,069 violations and 37 deaths due to faulty scaffolding.  Brady offers a variety of scaffolding products - including custom scaffold tags.

Fall Protection

#3. Hazard Communication

For companies that deal with hazardous chemicals, OSHA 1910.120 requires that all chemical containers be properly marked. Companies without proper labeling or disposal equipment will be fined. There were 6,538 violations, including an instance in which proper labeling would have prevented a fatality.  Avoid costly fines iwth Brady's hazcomm identification products.

Hazard Communication

#4. Respiratory Protection

Five million workers in the U.S. are covered under OSHA 1910.134. If these employees are not wearing respirators at their jobs, they will be cited.

There were 3,944 violations last year. Brady offers a number of respiratory protection products to help you comply with OSHA's standards


#5. Lockout/Tagout

This standard lists a number of minimum performance requirements for the control of hazardous energy when servicing and maintaining machines and equipment. 3,639 violations were reported and an average of 24 days away from work is connected to injured employees. Brady offers a large selection of lockout products and solutions to keep your facility compliant.



#6. Electrical – Wiring Methods

OSHA 1910.305 outlines requirements for the grounding of electrical equipment, wiring and insulation. Employees affected can range from engineers, electricians and other professionals who work electricity directly, to office workers and administrative staff who use any type of electrical equipment.

With 3,584 violations, the requirements also apply to temporary wiring and splicing, such as flexible cords and cables.   Brady offers a number of wire products and resources. to help you comply with OSHA's standard


#7. Floor Marking and Safety ID for Powered Industrial Trucks

OSHA 1910.178 covers the design, maintenance and operation of powered industrial trucks, as well as training requirements for operators The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 3, 584 violations and 8,410 injuries  . Brady offers a number of labels and identification product to help you comply with OSHA's standards.



#8. Ladder Safety and Inspection Identification Equipment

Falls are consistently one of the top three causes of fatalities. Most companies are cited for failing to meet the standards (OSHA 1926.178) for ladder maintenance and use in construction.  Brady offers ladder safety equipment to help keep you facility OSHA-compliant.


#9. Electrical Safety ID – General Requirements

OSHA 1910.303 is the general standard for electrical system safety. Most violations relate to two sections: the requirements for examination, installation and use of electrical equipment, and the requirements for electrical equipment operated at more than 600 volts.

With 2,863 violations, this standard seeks to prevent injuries and deaths from electric shock, fires and explosions.  Brady offers a wide variety of safety identification products to help you comply with OSHA's electrical standard.


#10. Machine Guarding – General Requirements

OSHA 1910.212 provides detailed requirements on how to safeguard machinery to protect operators from preventable injuries, particularly at the point of operation.  Brady offers nearly 100 different machine equipment labels to help you comply.

Machine Guarding

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