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Street Sign Tubular Post Top - # 56687

QTY/UOM: 1/Each
Catalog #: 56687
Product #: 56687
$19.99 MSRP ($US)

Description for Street Sign Tubular Post Top

Our complete selection of street sign accessories include: Post Top (56680) sits at 180° to post flange, Tubular Post Top (56687) mounts on top of post, 4-Way Cross Piece (56681) mounts on top of another street sign for additional sign, Jumbo Wing Bracket (56688) measures 21" to accommodate 9" high street name blades, Stainless Steel Strapping (56694) measures 3/4" x 100' x 0.30" coil in dispensing box, Stainless Heavy-Duty Buckle (56695) has 3/4" width and is sold 100 per package, and Standard Strapping Tool (56697) with built-in cutter. Post Top, Tubular Post Top, 4-Way Cross Piece and Jumbo Wing Bracket all include mounting hardware.

Specification Of Street Sign Tubular Post Top

Safety Catalog: pg. 192
RoHS Compatibility: Pass 2011/65/EU
QTY/UOM: 1/Each

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