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Roll-Up Signs - # 56767

Material: Mesh
Size: 48" H x 48" W
QTY/UOM: 1/Each
Catalog #: 56767
Product #: 56767
$117.99 MSRP ($US)

Description for Roll-Up Signs

Roll-Up Signs are available in black on orange Reflective Vinyl or Non-Reflective Mesh and are a snap to set up. Simply attach sign to fiberglass cross-brace and place in stand (57067). Stand has 4 adjustable telescoping legs to ensure stability. Signs can also be mounted on tripod (57069). Overlays reading "RIGHT", "LEFT", "500 FT", "1000 FT" and "1500 FT" (sold separately) can also be attached to most signs. Optional flag assembly (57072) and orange warning flags (13377) are available for maximum visibility.

Specification Of Roll-Up Signs

Size: 48" H x 48" W
Color: Black on Orange
Material Description: Mesh
Safety Catalog: pg. 171
Language: English
RoHS Compatibility: Please contact Brady compliance team at for compliance information.
QTY/UOM: 1/Each

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