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High Traffic Series Light Roll - # HT230

Size: 30" x 300'
QTY/UOM: 1/Bale
Catalog #: HT230
Product #: 113058
$168.90 MSRP ($US)

Description for High Traffic Series Light Roll

Built for durability and high absorbency, the economical "High Traffic" or HT Roll is ideal for your busy problem areas. The HT Roll will quickly become your mat of choice for saving time and money on your industrial application. 2-ply, gray, dimpled, light weight high traffic roll. Perfed every 15" and up the center for smaller applications.

Features of the HT Series


Made to withstand heavy foot and forklift traffic along with problem spill areas:

  • A gray coverstock to mask spills and includes an economical 300 foot roll
    • Tough, universal 2-ply construction - perfect for use as a mat in high traffic areas
    • Durable, abrasion-resistant upper layer
    • Perforations to help you use only what you need - reduces waste



Applications of the HT Series


Built for durability and high absorbency, the economical "High Traffic" or HT Roll is ideal for your busy problem areas. 

  • Walkways and high traffic areas
  • In production and machine areas
  • Under assembly lines, equipment or vehicles
  • On workbenches or as a work surface

Specification Of High Traffic Series Light Roll

Application(s): Walkways and high traffic areas, Overspray Leaks & Drips, Workstations, Work Surfaces and Under Assembly Lines
Class: Universal
Size: 30" x 300'
Safety Catalog: pg. 412
Absorbency: 42 gal/bale
Configuration: Roll
Technology: Hybrid
Shipping Weight: 29.5 lbs
RoHS Compatibility: Not Applicable
QTY/UOM: 1/Bale

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