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TLS 2200®/TLS PC Link™ Labels - # PTL-19-427-RD

Size: 1.000" W x 1.000" H (25.400 mm W x 25.400 mm H)
Material: Self-Laminating Vinyl
QTY/UOM: 250/Roll
Catalog #: PTL-19-427-RD
Product #: 18650
$41.99 MSRP ($US)

Description for TLS 2200®/TLS PC Link™ Labels

Labels for the TLS 2200® & TLS-PC Link™ Thermal Transfer Portable Printers. Please Note: This material is UL recognized with its respective ribbon. See the "Recommended Ribbon Series" for the appropriate ribbon to use.

Specification Of TLS 2200®/TLS PC Link™ Labels

Application(s): Communications Cables, Laboratory Identification, Panel Identification, Voice/Data Identification, Wire & Cable Marking
Agency Approval(s)/Compliance: UL Recognized
Size: 1.000" W x 1.000" H (25.400 mm W x 25.400 mm H)
Printable Area: 1.000" W x 0.375" H (25.400 mm W x 9.530 mm H)
Max Characters Per Line For Font #2: 24
Max Lines of Text For Font #2: 3
Label Type/Style: Self-Laminating Label
Color: Red/Translucent
Wire Gauge: 12 to 10
Finish: Matte
Qty Per Row: 1
Material Type: Vinyl
Material Description: Self-Laminating Vinyl
Brady Material #: B-427
Safety Catalog: pg. 321
General ID Catalog: pg. 58
Recommended Ribbon Series: R4310
Acceptable Ribbon Series: R6210
Printer Compatibility: BMP71, TLS 2200, TLS-PC Link
Special Properties: Excellent abrasion and smudge resistance, Excellent water & oil resistance, Self-Extinguishing, Self-Laminating
RoHS Compatibility: Please contact Brady compliance team at for compliance information.
QTY/UOM: 250/Roll

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