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IDXPERT™ & LABXPERT™ Freezerbondz II Labels - # X-78-492

Size: 1.900" W x 1.000" H (48.260 mm W x 25.400 mm H)
Material: Freezerbondz II Polyester
QTY/UOM: 125/Cartridge
Catalog #: X-78-492
Product #: 105945
$67.99 MSRP ($US)

Description for IDXPERT™ & LABXPERT™ Freezerbondz II Labels

Freezerbondz II labels for LABXPERT™ printer (also fits in IDXPERT™ printer). This label can be applied to already frozen surfaces (without the need to wrap back onto itself) and re-stored in liquid nitrogen. Provides viewing window for liq level inside vial. Good solvent resistance, good high- and low-temp performance. *Freezerbondz™ is a trademark of Brady Worldwide, Inc.

Converting from a XPERT model printer to a BMP51 Printer?
If so, the equivalent M-Series for this XPERT cartridge is M-78-492.

Specification Of IDXPERT™ & LABXPERT™ Freezerbondz II Labels

Application(s): Bottles, Conical Tube, General & Industrial Identification, Laboratory Identification, Tube
Size: 1.900" W x 1.000" H (48.260 mm W x 25.400 mm H)
Printable Area: 1.900" W x 1.000" H (48.260 mm W x 25.400 mm H)
Label Type/Style: Label
Color: Black on White
Finish: Semi-Gloss
Material Type: Polyester
Material Description: Freezerbondz II Polyester
Brady Material #: B-492
Environment: Autoclave, Freezer, Hot Water Baths (100°C), Liquid Nitrogen, Solvents and Chemicals
Printer Compatibility: IDXPERT, LABXPERT
Surface: Smooth
Special Properties: Can be applied to frozen surfaces including glass and polypropylene stored in liquid nitrogen, Excellent cold-weather performance, Good moisture resistance, Low profile, Withstands extremely low temperatures
RoHS Compatibility: Not Applicable
QTY/UOM: 125/Cartridge

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