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IDXPERT™ PermaSleeve® Wire Marker Sleeves - # XPS-375-CONT

Size: 1.015" W x 0.645" H (25.780 mm W x 16.380 mm H)
Material: PermaSleeve® Heat-Shrink Polyolefin
QTY/UOM: 1 roll (8ft.)/Cartridge
Catalog #: XPS-375-CONT
Product #: 60088
$74.99 MSRP ($US)

Description for IDXPERT™ PermaSleeve® Wire Marker Sleeves

PermaSleeve® Heat Shrinkable Wire Marker Sleeves for the IDXPERT™ printer. Sleeves are Continuous Style (cut-to-length by user).

Converting from a XPERT model printer to a BMP41 or BMP51 Printer?
If so, the equivalent M-Series for this XPERT cartridge is MC1-375-342.

Specification Of IDXPERT™ PermaSleeve® Wire Marker Sleeves

Application(s): Panel Identification, Wire & Cable Marking
Agency Approval(s)/Compliance: MIL-STD-202, SAE-AS-81531, SAE-DTL-23053/5 Class 1, UL Recognized
Size: 1.015" W x 0.645" H (25.780 mm W x 16.380 mm H)
Range of Wire Diameter: 0.125" - 0.320" (3.18 mm - 8.13 mm)
Printable Area: 1.015" W x 0.645" H (25.780 mm W x 16.380 mm H)
Shrink Ratio: 3-to-1
Label Type/Style: Sleeve
Color: Black on White
Wire Gauge: 12 to 4
Finish: Matte
Material Type: Polyolefin
Material Description: PermaSleeve® Heat-Shrink Polyolefin
Brady Material #: B-342
Safety Catalog: pg. 339
General ID Catalog: pg. 23
Printer Compatibility: IDXPERT
Special Properties: Excellent cold-weather performance, Heat-shrinkable, Self-Extinguishing
Patent Numbers: #6,910,819; #6,929,415; #7,070,347; #7,201,522; and #D519,552.
RoHS Compatibility: Pass 2011/65/EU
QTY/UOM: 1 roll (8ft.)/Cartridge

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