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On-Demand Printing vs. Custom Pre-Printed Comparison

Calculating the cost and efficiency differences between printing on-demand vs. ordering custom pre-printed signs and labels

Not sure which option is best for your unique needs?

We've selected quantity options based on the most commonly ordered sign and label sizes to provide you a quick cost comparison between printer materials and made-to-order signs and labels.

Answer one simple question to see the cost difference between on-demand printing with a Brady printing system vs. ordering custom pre-printed signs and labels for your facility.

* This cost savings estimate is based on material costs alone and does not take the initial printer investment into consideration between printing on demand vs. ordering custom pre-printed common sized signs and labels.

Speed to Label Faceoff: On-Demand vs. Pre-Printed

Day 1

Day 2

Day 4

Day 7

Additional Considerations

Pre-Printed Labels You have a need for a sign or label—research what and where to order Take time to process the order and provide all necessary information Accident and/or downtime incurred due to lack of label to communicate a hazard Label arrives—after applying you realize more is needed. Back to step 1! Costly – shipping costs applied with each order
Wasteful – obsolete/excess inventory tie up resources
Do-it-yourself Labels Walk up to your printer and create the label on a simple user interface, print and apply it
  • Repeat as needed—pace your projects based on your facility demands
  • Create labels from common templates on a wide variety of materials
  • The greater your visual controls, the safer and more efficient your facility
Convenient – create what you want when you need it
Customizable – multiple languages with consistent messaging

Materials in sizes and colors for any application:

electrical warning

Electrical Warning

lockout tagout

Lockout Tagout

floor tape

Floor Tape

equipment barcode

Equipment Barcode

hazardous warning

Hazardous Warning



Want to learn more?

Check out more resources on why a Brady on-demand printing system is right for you, as well as which printer is best for your specific application needs.
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