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Visual Controls Cost Savings Calculator

How Lean can save you time and money

See how your facility can benefit from proper labeling in just 3 simple steps.

Did you know, a properly labeled facility can save you money and improve efficiency by:

  • Reducing operations costs
  • Reducing production costs
  • Reducing error costs
  • Reducing training costs
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Preventing injuries and deaths

* This savings estimate is intended as a general idea of the overall cost savings of having a properly labeled facility. Our sales team will work with you directly to understand your specific business issues and cost savings for your unique full solution.

Additional Cost Considerations

Work Injury Costs in 2019: $171.0 billion

…per worker: $1,100

...per death: $1,220,000

...per medically consulted injury: $42,000

* These figures include estimates of wage and productivity losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses and employers' uninsured costs.

Days Lost Due to Work-Related Injuries in 2019: 105,000,000

...due to injuries in 2019: 70,000,000

...due to injuries in prior years: 35,000,000 future years from 2019 injuries: 55,000,000

* Days lost estimates do not include time lost by people with nondisabling injuries or other people directly or indirectly involved in the incidents.

Want more info?

Ensure your operations are safe and efficient with tools from Brady. Explore these resources to learn more about the benefits of a visual workplace.
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