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Environmental Sustainability

Brady has long embraced sustainability because it’s the right thing to do. We believe in doing what’s right for the long-term, and our values reflect that.

Brady's solar-powered Port Orange, Florida plant

Global commitment

Brady sites around the world continue to implement and maintain multiple sustainability efforts across our facilities. Some of the highlights include:

  • Increasing energy efficient protocols and products throughout our buildings
  • Consolidating work spaces to create more efficiencies
  • Implementing and upgrading equipment to be more energy efficient
  • Reducing waste through process monitoring and analysis – saving 100,000 pounds of waste per year

Additionally, our corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to 28 acres of prairie grass and wildflowers planted more than 30 years ago, and a variety of wildlife right in the heart of the city.

In Port Orange, Florida, our plant boasts solar panels that can generate enough energy on sunny days to fully run the plant on solar power.

And in Germany, we use thermal energy to heat and cool the office and warehouse, with all of the electricity onsite coming from renewable resources. There’s even a natural bee and insect habitat next to the building.

Our eco-friendly bamboo nametag

Eco-friendly products

While we are relentlessly focused on creating high performing products, we are also focused on producing products that are environmentally friendly. Just some of these examples include:

  • Nametags made with bamboo
  • Sorbents made out of recycled materials
  • Water dissolvable labels
  • Biodegradeable labels
  • Recyclable material inclusion

Brady’s legacy as an innovative company lives on in our commitment to work towards developing more environmentally-conscious products.

To learn more about how Brady lives its values, visit our Community page and see how our Foundation gives back in the communities where we have a presence.