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Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Nancy Lee Gioia

Ms. Gioia was elected to the Board in November 2013. She serves as the Chair of the Technology Committee and is a member of the Management Development and Compensation Committee. She is the Director, Global Electrical Connectivity and User Experience for Ford Motor Company, where she has held a variety of engineering and technology roles since 1982 including Director, Global Electrification; Director, Sustainable Mobility Technologies and Hybrid Vehicle Programs;  Director, North America Current Vehicle Model Quality; Engineering Director, Visteon/Ford Due Diligence; Engineering Director, Small FWD/RWD Car Platforms- North America; and Vehicle Programs Director, Lifestyle Vehicles. While at Ford Motor Company, she served as a Director of Auto Alliance International, a joint venture of Ford Motor Company and Mazda Corporation; Director of the Electric Drive Transportation Association; Director of the California Plug-in EV Collaborative; and on the State of Michigan, Governor's Talent Investment Board; and Ms. Gioia currently serves as a Director of Inforum. Ms. Gioia's extensive experience in strategy, technology and engineering solutions, as well as her general business experience, provides the Board with important expertise in product development and operations.

Board of Directors