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Innovating for a Better World

We don’t just innovate for the sake of it. It’s not for publicity or to put a spotlight on us. Brady innovates because we know our products are making a true difference -- a better, safer world. That’s something we can all be proud of.

When the pandemic struck, all members of the Brady family sprung into action, developing thousands of new products to help keep people safe. We pivoted to new markets that were desperate for help in the face of COVID-19 and developed real solutions in record time without skipping critical quality steps.

Look at these examples of solutions we put forth months ago and continue to offer today:

Brady’s colorful, high-performance floor tape and signage help retailers, schools, hospitals and more enforce social distancing measures.

Our highly durable labels are used to identify COVID-19 tests, helping labs and medical facilities maintain the integrity of these critical laboratory samples.

The patented Drinking Fountain Safety Covers are used in schools, universities and offices to prevent the use of drinking fountains where germs easily spread.