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BBP33 Firmware Upgrade v0.2.0.22

BBP33 Firmware Upgrade v0.2.0.22

1) All settings (Language, Print Speed, Tear/Cut, Mirror Print, Offset) are now retained after power cycle.
Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade Via PC
1) Download and save to your desktop the file
2) Extract the file to your desktop
3) Printer must be connected to the PC via USB
4) Double click the BBP33_firmware_upgrade_0_2_0_22 folder, then double click the PC Upgrade folder
5) Run the BBP33_0.2.0.22-2.2.2_PCUpgrade.exe file
6) Select the BBP33 printer, click Next
7) Select the option Direct to Printer
8) Click Upgrade Button - Note: This upgrade will take several minutes
9) Once transfer is complete click Finish

Upgrade Via Usb Flash Drive
1.) Download and save to your desktop the file
2.) Extract the file to your desktop
3.) Copy the folders "BootUpgrade” & ” SafeUpgrade” to the root of the flash drive (not underneath another folder)
4.) Safely remove the usb from your pc
5.) Plug it into the usb port on the back of the printer
6.) Press the menu button ( to the right of the OK )
7.) Arrow down to Tools, press ok
8.) Arrow down to Upgrade from USB, press ok and press ok a 2nd time
9.) Printer will display upgrading Please wait
10.) Printer will automatically reboot and go to the ready screen once complete
11.) Remove usb flash drive

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BBP33 Firmware Upgrade v0.2.0.22

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