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BBP35/37 Firmware V19.3.1.103554

Included in this release:

1. New Shape options added: Hexagon & Octagon

Firmware Upgrade Steps

Upgrade Via Usb Flash Drive
1.) Download and save to your desktop the .zip file
2.) Extract the file to your desktop
3.) Open the folder called USB Upgrade
4.) Open the folder for your printers region, Copy both folders called “BootUpgrade” and “SafeUpgrade” to the root of your USB drive
5.) Safely remove the USB flash drive from your pc
6.) Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port on the printer.
7.) On the BBP35_37 screen press "MENU"
8.) Select "More Tools"  "Upgrade from USB drive"
9.) At the prompt to continue with the upgrade, select "Yes".
10.) Printer will display upgrading Please wait
11.) Printer will automatically reboot and go to the ready screen once complete
12.) Remove usb flash drive

Loading firmware with out using LCD Instructions here
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BBP35/37 Firmware V19.3.1.103554