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BBP85 Firmware upgrade v151.3.1.92855

Release Notes

Changes Made
• New Flat User Interface : Simplified design with better readability and clear visual.

Defects Fixed
• GHS Shrunken Text Fix : Precautionary Statements Printing Very Small Font on Label and Bug and Precautionary Statements content on GHS label being cut off on the right

Note: Before Upgrading save your settings instructions here:

Firmware Upgrade Steps

Upgrade Via USB Flash Drive
1.) Download and save to your desktop the BBP85_FirmWare_ file
2.) Extract the file to your desktop
3.) Copy the folders “BBP85Upgrade”, BootUpgrade”, & ” SafeUpgrade” to the root of the flash drive (not underneath another folder)
4.) Safely remove the USB from your PC
5.) Plug it into the USB port on the right side of the printer
6.) Press the Menu button on the top of the printer's display screen
7.) Press More Tools
8.) Press Upgrade from USB Drive then press Upgrade
9.) Printer will display Upgrading Please Wait
10.) Printer will automatically reboot and go to the ready screen once complete
11.) Remove USB flash drive
Begin Download
BBP85 Firmware upgrade v151.3.1.92855