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BMP61 Firmware Version 1.0.77907

Release Notes
1. Lists can now be merged into other Label Type’s Wiremarker, Terminal Block, Vial, Flags, Patch Panel, 66-Block along with General.
2. Label formatting features have been added for importing lists.
Settings that will apply to list are:
Label – H. Justify, V, Justify, Rotate, Frame, Reverse, Vertical, Length
Settings – Font Settings, Bold, Italic, Underline
Note: If current label has multiple lines of text it will use the first line for font attributes. Settings under FONT will not apply to list.
3. Pause Cut – Changed to allow user to completely shut off the cut message.
4. Ability to import label file from external drive.
5. Printer displaying too hot message when printer was too cold has been resolved. Message for both has been change to “Head temperature outside range”
6. Code 128 barcodes not scanning has been resolved.
7. MAC address not being shown has been resolved. Note: Full MAC address is now shown in Network Config Utility. This portion 88:8C:19 should not be included when adding exceptions for MAC.
8. Printer freezing when merging with empty list file has been resolved.
9. FN key properly release when using multiprint function is resolved.
10. Serialization value not changing on the display after editing serialized data is resolved.

Firmware Upgrade Steps:

1. Download the file to the directory of your choice.
2. In that directory, right-click file icon and select Extract All
3. Depending on your operating system, you will be prompted to extract the files to a specified directory.
4. Browse to a specified directory, or leave the default directory.
5. Follow the prompts to extract the downloaded files.
6. When the window opens, double-click on the file BMP61_1_0_77907_Upgrade folder.
7. Double-click the Setup.exe icon. This will start the installer.
8. Choose English on the first drop down, then click NEXT. Click NEXT again, and when it asks where to Install the Utility, click the CHANGE button and highlight Desktop, and click OK. Then Click NEXT. Click NEXT 2 more times to complete the installation. Note: You may get prompted to update .Net Framework and/or your Microsoft C++ on your PC. If so, follow the prompts to complete this.
9. Double-click the BMP61 Update Utility folder, then double-click the BMP61 Update Utility Icon.
10. Connect the BMP61 printer with your USB cord, and click UPGRADE BMP61.
11. Once this process is complete, your firmware will be updated.
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BMP61 Firmware Version 1.0.77907 ()

BMP61 Firmware Version 1.0.77907