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Brady IP / PR / BBP72 Firmware V3.43

Included in this update:

• Added the following menu options: Manual ribbon saver head lift up/down, Single Buffer on/off, Ignore Paper end on/off
• New language options added Simplified Chinese and Thai

Firmware Upgrade Steps
Download the v3.43 zip file and save to your desktop
Extract the zip file to a local folder on your desktop
Using the link below install the firmware pertaining to your windows platform/method of install

Firmware Install Instructions

IMPORTANT: Due to some technical reasons it is NOT possible to accomplish this update with the CF card or with the USB stick if the firmware version on your printer is 3.19 or below. That means that this release needs to be sent via FTP connection or through the serial interface. The possibility to do firmware updates from CF card will be again available after 3.21 is installed.
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Brady IP / PR / BBP72 Firmware V3.43