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M611 Printer Firmware Upgrade

Release notes:

*Asian Languages
Following Asian-Pacific languages are now supported on the BradyPrinter M611:
-Bahasa Malaysia
-Bahasa Indonesia
-Simplified Chinese
-Traditional Chinese

* Virtual Keyboard
The original Keyboard has been updated with the new virtual keyboards that allow user to configure the keyboard languages to:
English, Malaysian, Indonesian, Czech, Danish, German, Eestonian, Spanish, French, Croatian, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Bulgarian, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Japanese.

* Performance improvements
Some performance related issues, and bugs have been addressed with this release:
- Improved boot time.
- Improved continuous media cut spacing & alignment.
- Improved print alignment for Die-Cut Media.
- Improved cut alignment for Die-Cut Media.
- Improved manual feed alignment.
- Manual feeds are now supported between jobs without cutting or, tear-off.
- Tear-Off labels do not need to be torn-off before the next job is sent.
- Opening the door while printing cancels the current job, and the next job will start printing as soon as it is closed.
- If the print-head gets too hot during a heavy coverage, the job is paused, and continues printing when sufficiently cooled down.
- Print jobs sent with cutting options of "Never" now feed to cut upon completion, and the cut icon is enabled.
- Print jobs sent with cutting options of "Never" can be sent consecutively without requiring a UI cut operation.

Instructions to Upgrade Firmware:
1. Copy the M611_Firmware_ver_106434.CAB file to the root of a USB drive. Make sure the USB drive does not have any other file with .CAB extension.
2. Power on the printer and Insert the USB drive in the printer.
3. The printer will display a prompt for Upgrade.
4. Click on Upgrade button.
5. The printer will reboot and start upgrading, and display the progress with a progress bar.
6. Wait until the printer displays "Upgrade successful" message.
7. Click on Reboot Now button, or let the printer reboot by itself.

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M611 Printer Firmware Upgrade