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Wraptor A6500 Firmware Upgrade

New features in this release
Schleuniger support
User can trigger print/wrap cycles via Schleuniger port. To be able to activate print/wrap cycles remotely in this way, the user will need to set the PLC mode “On”, from the Printer Configuration screen.

Support for BPL (Brady printer language)
User can create a label with an xml script using Brady Printer Language (BPL) specification, and send the script to the printer via Ethernet and print the label. For more information about BPL, refer to the brady printer language manual.

Support for Remote Control Commands
User can send remote commands to printer to get/set different user settings, open or close a print job, navigate to different labels, and print labels.

Stack light support
A stack light can be connected to the printer and the red, yellow and green light on the stack light indicate if the printer is in error, busy (printing and wrapping), or ready to print state respectively.

Import print jobs
With this feature, user can create labels on a computer which is not connected to the printer, and import the labels to the printer with a USB drive, by following these easy steps:
1. Install latest Wraptor A6500 printer driver (version 3.20 or above). 2. For the printer driver, set printer properties->Port to “FILE”. 3. From Labelmark software (version 6.6 and above), select the printer driver, do NOT check “print to file”, and click Print. 4. After prompting for filename, it will again prompt for location and name of the .prn file. 5. Browse to root of a USB drive and give any filename and a .prn extension. 6. Take the USB drive and plug it in the printer. 7. On printer home screen, an “Import print jobs” app should be displayed when a USB with .prn files is plugged in. 8. Open the app. It will display all the .prn files on the USB drive. Select one or more files and click Import. 9. Go to Print Jobs app and check if the print job is displayed. Note that it can take a while for the print job to appear in the print jobs app.
Fixes in this release:
1. Print head open error during print and wrap cycles.
2. Top 4 pixels are not printing on Wraptor A6500

Instructions to Upgrade Firmware

Note: After the upgrade, you might notice the print on label is shifted to the left side. You will need to set the horizontal offset to somewhere near 0.47 inches to make it print correctly. Go to Settings, Select Printing, then select Horizontal Offset to change the Horizontal offset.
1. Copy the WraptorA6500_Firmware_ver_91188.CAB file on root of a USB drive. Make sure the USB drive does not have any other file with .CAB extension.
2. Power on the printer and Insert the USB drive in the printer.
3. The printer will display a prompt for Upgrade.
4. Click on Upgrade button.
5. The printer will reboot and start upgrading, and display the progress with a progress bar.
6. Wait until the printer displays "Upgrade successful" message.
7. Click on Reboot Now button, or let the printer reboot by itself.

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Wraptor A6500 Firmware Upgrade

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