The Brady BMP®21-LAB Laboratory Label Printer

BMP®21-LAB Laboratory Label Printer

Where pens fail, printers succeed.

Lose the marker and print your next label in seconds.


Drop it, No Problem
Rubber bumpers to provide protection from falls


Easy to use
Drop and lock cartridges


Exceptional material variety
Labels for Autoclaves, freezers, hot water,
                liquid nitrogen,...

Anatomy of a BMP®21-LAB Printer

Cartridge Compatibility, all
M21 cartridges work in
BMP®21-PLUS, BMP®21 and IDPal

Automatic-label formatting
for wire wraps, patch
panels, terminal blocks,
cable flags & general banner labels

104 symbols for electric,
smart home, safety and datacom

Tape widths 0.25" to
0.75" and 70 total
material parts

Label grabber holds label
after cutting

Rechargeable Li-ION battery

Need something extra?
Try a magnet, AC-adapter,
carrying case, spare battery
and more.

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Label Everything You Need

Fulfill your requirements with up to 8
different industry specified materials that last.
Label Selection Guide »

We've got your back

With our two-year warranty, you can
purchase and print with ease knowing
that if anything goes wrong, we'll take
care of the details.

Take advantage of the versatility of the BMP21-LAB