BMP®71 Printer Label Sample Pack

Get this free sample pack and try out label materials available for the BMP®71 printer before you buy!

 The BMP®71 Label Printer is our most versatile label maker for on-the-job printing. Get this free sample pack to try out labels that includes the following labels:

Example application(s) Part # Material
   Wire, cable and vial labeling M71-427-BL Self-laminating vinyl (B-427)
   Critical high visibility applications BM71C-2000-584-YL Reflective tape
   Multi-conductor cables, inventory,
       equipment, lockout and more
M71-111-145-GY Rigid polyethylene tags (B-145)
   Calibration identification M71-30-428-CALI Metalized polyester
   Wire marking M71-375-175-342YL PermaSleeve® heat shrink sleeves (B-342)
   Warning label for textured surfaces M71-38-483-WARN Polyester with ultra-aggressive adhesive
   Wire, cable and product inventory
M71-40-412 Polypropylene tags (B-412)
   Barcode and component labeling;
       highly durable labeling
M71-9-423 Permanent polyester
   General purpose and facility labeling M71C-1000-595-BL &
Indoor/Outdoor vinyl (B-595)
   Patch panel identification M71EP-167-593-GN &
Raised panel label (B-593)
   Wire and cable identification with
       excellent solvent resistance
M71FP-2-425 Permanent polypropylene (B-425)

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