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Brady 360™ 1 Year Warranty for Wraptor™ A6500 Wrap Printer Applicator

We have you covered

The Wraptor™ A6500 Wrap Printer Applicator comes with a Basic Printer/Applicator Protection & Care Plan for the first year of ownership.

Brady 360 - 1 year warranty

Warranty coverage provides one depot preventive maintenance service at Brady's repair facility (recommended between 6-11 months) that will extend the life of your Wraptor™ A6500 Wrap Printer Applicator by ensuring it is in peak running condition. In addition, you get loaner availability and warranty extension options to minimize and quickly resolve downtime at a predictable cost.

Standard 1-year warranty* on desktop models covers:

  • Extend warranty coverage
  • All shipping via ground at no cost for all repairs
  • Part & Labor included (excluding the WRAPTOR V-Block, but including the printhead)
  • Guaranteed Loaner Availability
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance Service
  • 1/2 price Emergency On-site Service
Catalog Number Visits Coverage Length
360-WRAPTOR-1V1Y One One Year

Advanced Care Plan:

  • All the features of Basic
  • Bi-Annual on-site preventive maintenance service
Catalog Number Visits Coverage Length
360-WRAPTOR-2V1Y Two One Year

Ultimate Care Plan:

  • All the features of Advanced
  • Quarterly On-site preventive maintenance service
Catalog Number Visits Coverage Length
360-WRAPTOR-4V1Y Four One Year

Additional Care

Additional unit fee for same-site multiple Wraptor™ Unit customers purchasing a Brady 360 agreement (matching any original level purchased). Catalog Number: 360-WRAPTOR-ADTL