Lockout Tagout Program Checklist

How complete is your lockout tagout program?

Take this quick evaluation to find out where your facility lies on the safety spectrum – beginner, intermediate or world class.

Find out how Brady safety services can help you close the gaps in your safety program to ensure compliance with OSHA standard 1910.147, the control of hazardous energy, or Lockout Tagout.

Product Recommendations

Along with Brady's Lockout Tagout safety services, we offer all the devices and warning signs and labels to improve workplace visuals throughout your facility.

LINK360 Safety Software

In connection with Lockout Tagout services, Brady's LINK360 procedure software can help you easily run reports and keep information up-to-date for improved audit compliance.

Want to learn more?

Brady's safety experts and resources can help you at any stage of your lockout tagout program development