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Brady Brand Protection Solutions

When ignoring the problem is no longer an option

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Your brand is your largest asset

Faced with the increasingly difficult task of managing counterfeit and diverted goods within your supply chain, it’s critical to identify where the largest losses are coming from. By combining overt, covert, and digital brand protection solutions, Brady offers a tailored solution that will help protect and elevate your brand. With Brady Brand Protection, you gain valuable insight and advice to effectively make product authentication the cornerstone of your brand protection program.

Leaving brand protection issues unaddressed does not make them go away, but intensifies the problem. Help protect your brand with labeling and technology solutions that uncover where the largest losses are occurring.


Economic Losses

Global economic losses to counterfeiting and piracy could reach $2.3 trillion by 2022


Employment Losses

Global employment losses are estimated to be as much as $5.2 million by 2022


Counterfeit Losses

The US is estimated to have lost $600 billion in counterfeit goods in 2017

Brady: a trusted name, dependable technology

To protect your brand, you need a product authentication solution partner you can rely on. Brady Brand Protection offers innovative, custom-engineered brand authentication labels and services.

Variety of Technologies

Brady offers you access to our internally developed technologies, in addition to the industry-leading partners we work with, to deliver the most effective integrated solution for your application.


In an industry filled with unproven newcomers, single technology providers, or solutions that can’t meet authorized vendor requirements, Brady is a stable force with a strong financial foundation and a diverse customer base.

Global Secure Supply Chain

With a support network of 25 locations around the world, Brady will treat you globally with the convenience of local resources and support.

Certified Security

Brady has operated a NASPO certified brand protection spaces within our production facility since 2004.

World Leader in Identification Solutions

With nearly 100 years experience identifying and protecting products around the world, Brady offers innovative, custom-designed brand authentication products and anti-counterfeiting services that protect your brand against fraud, diversion and tampering.

Want more information about Brady Brand Protection Solutions?

Learn more about brand protection products and services offered by Brady, including Digital Authentication, Tracking & Analytics, Tamper Indicating Labels and more. Check out our brochure or complete our short form and one of our experts will contact you.

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