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Mobile handheld writing and encoding

We also support multiple platforms for RFID readers/encoders with our ATA Tag Commander software.

The Brady SmartID Aerospace team has leveraged cutting-edge device and software expertise to bring an RFID reading and encoding software to the Aerospace industry which features:


Intuitive user interface


Sustainable platform to grow with your organization


Handheld for convenience at your fingertips no matter where your application

The ATA Tag Commander was born from the feedback of aircraft operations, with demands and specific needs like yours in mind. This mobile application is used to read and author RFID tags in compliance with the ATA specifications, so you don’t need to worry about remaining in compliance as specs are updated.

The software allows for users worldwide to commission, read, and update RFID tags and/or databases with historical and/or current maintenance and other information that may be stored on the RFID chip

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