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Wraptor A6500 Firmware Upgrade

New features in this release

Faster cycle time
Average print/wrap cycle time is improved to be around 4-6sec with all the supported media

Sample WRAP-4-427 Test File
A sample test file is available after every firmware upgrade.
This sample test file can be used to test the functionality of Wraptor A6500 without the need to input any test file from either importing print jobs or sending in print jobs from Brady Workstation.

Added Import Fonts & Graphics Support
Ability to import additional fonts and graphics using a USB drive.
1. Only *.ttf (TrueType Font) is supported.
2. Only the following graphics format are supported.
• *.bmp (Mono, 256 color, 16bit color & 24bit color)
• *.jpeg
• *.jpg
• *.png
• *.gif

Added Virtual Keyboards Support
The on-screen keyboard is updated to support multiple language inputs on any language selections.

New Apps Support
1. [File Manager] App
Use this App to browse and delete graphics files and fonts files that were imported to the printer.

2. [Apply Only] App (previously named as [Wrap Only] App)
Ability to wrap a wire or cable with pre-printed label media.

Fixes in this release:
• Intermittent “Timeout on hotstamp” error with Schleuniger assembly.

• Intermittent "Invalid supply" error
Note: IP address of the printer might change after upgrade, depending upon the network configuration.

Instructions to Upgrade Firmware

Note: After the upgrade, you might notice the print on label is shifted to the left side. You will need to set the horizontal offset to somewhere near 0.47 inches to make it print correctly. Go to Settings, Select Printing, then select Horizontal Offset to change the Horizontal offset.
1. Copy the WraptorA6500_Firmware_ver_122090.CAB file on root of a USB drive. Make sure the USB drive does not have any other file with .CAB extension.
2. Power on the printer and Insert the USB drive in the printer.
3. The printer will display a prompt for Upgrade.
4. Click on Upgrade button.
5. The printer will reboot and start upgrading, and display the progress with a progress bar.
6. Wait until the printer displays "Upgrade successful" message.
7. Click on Reboot Now button, or let the printer reboot by itself.

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Wraptor A6500 Firmware Upgrade