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Numerical Legend Vinyl Cloth Wire Marking Colored Cards

Numerical Legend Vinyl Cloth Wire Marking Colored Cards

from $47.99 (USD) / Pack of 25 Cards

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from $47.99 (USD) / Pack of 25 Cards

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B-500 Repositionable Vinyl Cloth wire markers from Brady® are perfect for your general wire marking needs.

  • Card-mounted wire markers allow for quick, on-the-spot wire marking
  • Brady B-500 Repositionable Vinyl Cloth holds tightly to surfaces but allows item to be repositioned with ease if necessary
  • Excellent flexibility for wrapping around curved surfaces
  • Withstands moderate heat, oil, water and dirt



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Numerical Legend Vinyl Cloth Wire Marking Colored Cards

WM-27-YL-PK Black on Yellow 27 $50.49 (USD)
WM-5-RD-PK White on Red 5 $50.49 (USD)
WM-15-YL-PK Black on Yellow 15 $50.49 (USD)
WM-7-YL-PK Black on Yellow 7 $47.99 (USD)
WM-19-YL-PK Black on Yellow 19 $50.49 (USD)
WM-2-GR-PK White on Green 2 $50.49 (USD)
WM-4-GR-PK White on Green 4 $47.99 (USD)
WM-5-OR-PK Black on Orange 5 $50.49 (USD)
WM-2-YL-PK Black on Yellow 2 $50.49 (USD)
WM-1-GR-PK White on Green 1 $50.49 (USD)
WM-16-YL-PK Black on Yellow 16 $47.99 (USD)
WM-14-YL-PK Black on Yellow 14 $47.99 (USD)
WM-2-RD-PK White on Red 2 $50.49 (USD)
WM-11-YL-PK Black on Yellow 11 $50.49 (USD)
WM-12-YL-PK Black on Yellow 12 $50.49 (USD)
WM-3-GR-PK White on Green 3 $50.49 (USD)
WM-3-YL-PK Black on Yellow 3 $50.49 (USD)
WM-8-YL-PK Black on Yellow 8 $47.99 (USD)
WM-28-YL-PK Black on Yellow 28 $50.49 (USD)
WM-4-BL-PK Black on Blue 4 $50.49 (USD)
WM-1-RD-PK White on Red 1 $50.49 (USD)
WM-29-YL-PK Black on Yellow 29 $50.49 (USD)
WM-5-BL-PK Black on Blue 5 $50.49 (USD)
WM-4-YL-PK Black on Yellow 4 $50.49 (USD)
WM-1-OR-PK Black on Orange 1 $50.49 (USD)
WM-1-YL-PK Black on Yellow 1 $50.49 (USD)
WM-5-GR-PK White on Green 5 $50.49 (USD)
WM-6-YL-PK Black on Yellow 6 $50.49 (USD)
WM-3-OR-PK Black on Orange 3 $50.49 (USD)
WM-30-YL-PK Black on Yellow 30 $50.49 (USD)
WM-24-YL-PK Black on Yellow 24 $50.49 (USD)
WM-4-OR-PK Black on Orange 4 $47.99 (USD)
WM-3-BL-PK Black on Blue 3 $50.49 (USD)
WM-1-BL-PK Black on Blue 1 $50.49 (USD)
WM-13-YL-PK Black on Yellow 13 $50.49 (USD)
WM-25-YL-PK Black on Yellow 25 $50.49 (USD)
WM-9-YL-PK Black on Yellow 9 $50.49 (USD)
WM-0-RD-PK White on Red 0 $47.99 (USD)
WM-10-YL-PK Black on Yellow 10 $50.49 (USD)
WM-2-OR-PK Black on Orange 2 $47.99 (USD)
WM-0-OR-PK Black on Orange 0 $47.99 (USD)
WM-0-GR-PK White on Green 0 $47.99 (USD)
WM-2-BL-PK Black on Blue 2 $50.49 (USD)
WM-0-YL-PK Black on Yellow 0 $47.99 (USD)
WM-5-YL-PK Black on Yellow 5 $50.49 (USD)
WM-26-YL-PK Black on Yellow 26 $50.49 (USD)
WM-0-BL-PK Black on Blue 0 $50.49 (USD)