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Stress-free Setup

Take the stress out of getting started

New tools are great for adding features and functionality to help you be more efficient. But, it's easy to forget the headache that goes along with getting the new tool up and running. Skip the headache with our Stress-Free Setup, a complimentary service when you purchase a new Brady benchtop printer.

To ensure your setup is stress-free, our technical experts will help you get your new Brady printer and software up and running, so you can immediately enjoy the benefits of your new tools.

What to expect

A Brady technical expert will contact you to schedule a one-hour appointment for the Stress-Free Setup, which will be conducted remotely. During the appointment, our technical expert will help you set up your new printer and ensure both the printer and software are working properly so you can start using your printer immediately.

What's included

Our Stress-Free Setup helps you get up to speed on how to use your new printer and software, so you can start printing immediately. The service includes:

Printer overview

  • Understanding the printer hardware
  • Product setup including material install and printer calibration
  • Learning the display, menu and function buttons
  • General troubleshooting
  • Cleaning and maintenance

Driver install

  • Install and configure drivers including security and default / recommended settings

Software install and activation

  • Common software usage and customized settings
  • Learning the toolbars and icons
  • Basic label creation and functionality
  • Pre-existing label types
  • Serializations / counters
  • Importing images and graphics