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Safety Management Software

Digitize and automate manual processes
with best-in-class software, compliance tools
and reporting at your fingertips

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Unleash the power of best-in-class SMS/safety management software powered by HSI, compliance tools and reporting that are fast and easy to use for workers, simple to control for managers and insightful for executive-level users. Take advantage of preconfigured documents and workflows, or work within your solution to configure anything you need, to save time at every step in your safety program.

Assessments Module

Rein in disconnected processes and unsecured record-keeping

Ensure assets, equipment and areas are compliant and workers are protected using preconfigured (or 100% configurable) audits, inspections and checklists.

  • Leverage smart forms to quickly configure pre-start inspections
  • Monitor maintenance conditions and scheduling of inspections
  • Implement role-based permissions to ensure the right users see the right tasks
  • Engage any worker appropriately with the easy-to-navigate online checklist system
  • Track and close out corrective actions
  • Keep equipment running effectively, longer with asset management

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Incidents & Hazards Module

Reduce risk by enhancing the way you report and resolve

Capture, track, investigate, report and resolve incidents, hazards and near-misses to stay on top of risk assessment and OSHA reporting.

  • Rely on software that auto-fills OSHA 300 logs
  • Log near-misses so corrective actions can be taken
  • Consolidate identification, assessment, control and review of your entire hazard process
  • Encourage all workers to acknowledge and report hazards
  • Assign tasks and automated alerts for upcoming, pending and overdue tasks
  • Allow workers to easily log incidents use the collected data to improve outcomes and decision-making

See SmartCheck™ Safety Software at work

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Corrective Actions screenshots thumbnail

Corrective Actions

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Job Safety & Hazard Analysis Module

Standardize with confidence and consistency

Create, evaluate and store all tasks, potential hazards, risks and controls in one centralized library for better transparency and faster recall.

  • Set up templates for hazard assessment and control measures
  • Alert and assign tasks to workers with automatic reminders and follow-up
  • Detect behavior trends and trigger corrective action plans through data analysis

See SmartCheck™ Safety Software at work

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The following key features are available in all of the above modules:

  • Dashboard – know exactly where you stand at a glance and drill down deeper by area
  • Reports – get the data that matters so you can react faster to risks and prevent them from becoming future incidents
  • Actions – get the right notifications and associated actions to the right people in real-time
  • Products – discover on-screen printing capabilities, expert product recommendations and easy-click ordering to resolve on the spot
  • Keep things visible and accountable with 3 administrators and 150 named users

See SmartCheck™ Safety Software at work

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Dashboard 1

Dashboard 2 screenshot thumbnail

Dashboard 2

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Product page screenshot thumbnail

Product Page

Chemical Database Module

Upgrade your SDS binder with indexing, reporting and labeling

Track, store and update every chemical in your facility. Plus, instantly print compliant labeling, including GHS, that’s auto-populated by your stored data.

  • Access your custom collection of SDS sheets 24/7
  • Find any SDS by location, CAS number, hazard, chemical name, manufacturer and more
  • Easily remove duplicates or archive for retrieval
  • Take advantage of automation to automatically deliver SDS information to secondary container labeling, including GHS
  • Keep things visible and accountable with 3 administrators and 150 named users
  • Includes storage for 500 SDSs (additional storage available)

See SmartCheck™ Safety Software at work

Chemical Database screenshot thumbnail

Chemical Database

Chemical Database Print View screenshot thumbnail

Chemical Database Print View

Ready to get started?

See SmartCheck™ safety management software in action, ask questions and discover exactly how it can benefit your organization.

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