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Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate Policy 

How to apply for tax exemption:
Step 1: Review the Important Notes below to see if they apply to your order.
Step 2: Determine the ship-to state for your order.
Step 3: Upload an acceptable state form for your ship-to state.

Important Notes:
A W-9 is not an acceptable form of exemption.
A Federal Government customer is not required to submit any documentation.
A Contractor must provide a Contractor Exempt Purchase Certificate for each unique purchase order.
An Export Declaration or Bill-of Lading must be provided to exempt any international orders shipping to freight forwarders.


A) State Form - An exemption certificate issued by state you are incorporated or headquarters.

B) Uniform - Multijurisdictional Uniform Sales & Use Tax Exemption/Resale Certificate Tax form.

C) Streamlined - Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement) form.

D) If shipping to these States, you must be registered in the State you are shipping goods in order to be exempt. If you are not registered, you can provide us with your end customer's tax exemption certificate to exempt to exempt the order.

E) If shipping to these States, you must be registered in the State in order to be tax exempt.


Ship-To State State Form A Uniform Certificate B Streamlined C Acceptable State Forms
Alabama X X Statement Letter
Arkansas X X X Form ST-391
Arizona X X Form 5000A
California D X X CDTFA-230
Colorado X X DR-0563 MJ Form
Connecticut E X X CT Resale Certificate, Cert 119, or Cert 13
Washington DC E X OTR-368 Form
Florida X X State-Issued Form DR-13 or DR-14
Georgia X X X GA Form ST-4 or ST-5
Hawaii E X X Form G-17, G-18, or G-19
Idaho X X Form ST-101
Illnois D X X Form CRT-61
Indiana X X Form ST-105
Iowa X X X Form 31-014b
Kansas X X X Form ST-28A for PR-78SSTA
Kentucky X X X Form 51A105 or 51A126
Louisiana X Form R-1064, R-1042, R-1056, or R-1356
Maine X X Maine Resale Certificate
Maryland E X X Maryland Sales & Use Tax Licen
Massachusetts D X Form ST-2, ST-4, or ST-5
Michigan X X X Form 3372
Minnesota X X X Form ST-3
Mississippi D X MS Retailer's Permit
Missouri X X Form 149
Nebraska X X X Form 13
New Jersey X X X Form ST-3, ST-3NR, or ST-5
New Mexico X X Type 2-NTTC, Type 5-NTTC, or Type 9-NTTC
Nevada X X X State-Issued Exemption Letter
New York X X X Form ST-119 or ST-120
North Carolina X X X Form E-590 or 595E
North Dakota X X Form SFN 21950
Ohio X X X Form STEC U
Oklahoma X X X OK Permit or State-Issued Exemption Certificate
Pennsylvania X X Form REV-1220
Puerto Rico E X Form AS 2916.1
Rhode Island X X X RI Resale Certificate
South Carolina X X Form ST-8A or ST-9
South Dakota X X X Form RV-066
Tennessee D X X RV-F1300701 Blanket Certificate of Resale
Texas X X Form 01-339
Utah X X X Form TC-721
Vermont X X X Form S-3
Virginia X Form ST-10, ST-12, ST-13A, or ST-14
Washington X X X WA Reseller Permit
West Virginia X Form F0003 Streamlined Certificate of Exemption
Wisconsin X X X Form S-211
Wyoming X Form F0003 Streamlined Certificate of Exemption

If you need to cancel your order for any reason please contact Brady customer service at 1-888-250-3082. Due to the frequency in which orders are fulfilled and the volume in which orders are placed, Brady cannot guarantee any cancellation requests.