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Toughstripe Center + Marks

Toughstripe Center + Marks

from $30.39 (USD) / Pack of 20 Each

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from $30.39 (USD) / Pack of 20 Each

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Extremely durable ToughStripe® die-cut floor marking shapes are made of rugged polyester with ultra-aggressive adhesive and hold up against forklift traffic.

  • Visible floor-marking improves safety and organization in almost any industrial environment
  • High-gloss surface shines like new paint and withstands forklift traffic without tearing or lifting
  • Ideal for marking corners of work cells and storage locations
  • Can be easily applied by one person working alone

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Toughstripe Center + Marks

104469 Yellow 2 in W x 5 in L $30.39 (USD)
104472 Red 3 in W x 8 in L $43.59 (USD)
104470 Black 2 in W x 5 in L $30.39 (USD)
104475 Yellow 3 in W x 8 in L $43.59 (USD)
104476 Black 3 in W x 8 in L $43.59 (USD)
104479 Green 4 in W x 10 in L $62.89 (USD)
104474 Blue 3 in W x 8 in L $43.59 (USD)
104473 Green 3 in W x 8 in L $43.59 (USD)
104478 Red 4 in W x 10 in L $62.89 (USD)
104467 Green 2 in W x 5 in L $30.39 (USD)
104471 White 2 in W x 5 in L $30.39 (USD)
104481 Yellow 4 in W x 10 in L $62.89 (USD)
104477 White 3 in W x 8 in L $43.59 (USD)
104480 Blue 4 in W x 10 in L $62.89 (USD)
104482 Black 4 in W x 10 in L $62.89 (USD)
104468 Blue 2 in W x 5 in L $30.39 (USD)
104483 White 4 in W x 10 in L $62.89 (USD)
104466 Red 2 in W x 5 in L $30.39 (USD)